[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 046 – Emplate

by Courtney LaFavor

What’s up everyone! Monday has returned and that means it’s your favorite day since it’s time for another NAPCast! Most of the NAPDNB crew is still recovering from the greatest wedding of the century between two of our own, and you can be sure the crew laid down all the best dnb at the after party to keep everyone moving until the very end of the night. So while we soak our old people dancing feet, Emplate has provided us with some musical motivation for another rainy week.

Based in Cleveland, OH Emplate has been around the dnb seen since ’96. Already a trained drummer and fan of many music genres such as hip hop, industrial and jazz, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the jungle sound would draw him in. A frequent attendee of the Northeast Ohio party scene and collector of mix tapes, he decided to profess his love of jungle and dnb by taking to the decks in 99. Emplate’s background propelled him quickly into becoming a highly respected DJ, known for not only his genre selections, ranging from dark and minimal and neurofunk to liquid, but also his technical abilities as well.

Not only does Emplate get busy on the decks but he has worked to cultivate the dnb scene in Cleveland for years. In 2006 he started his residency at in:verse, a nationally recognized and respected night in the Cleveland area. He has since continued to build up the scene by working to start the Cleveland Drum and Bass Coalition and (216) Bass. Both these platforms allow local DJs to progress their careers and keep the love of dnb strong in the community. His current efforts are dedicated to his monthly, Step Inside, at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern in Cleveland. We can certainly respect all the time and dedication he has put into furthering the dnb culture and are honored to share his sounds with our fans and family today! This mix is heavy, just like the clouds rolling in are, so tune in and enjoy.

Don’t forget we’re taking over The Melody Inn tomorrow for Staticalpha, and ya know, it’s free and the booze is cheap, so come out and dry off by dancing with us!

One thought on “[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 046 – Emplate”

  1. 01. Tephra & Arkoze – The Pulse – Proximity Recordings
    >>> Skeptical – Playground Chat Back – Exit Records
    02. Shiver – Solid State – Flexout Audio
    03. Bredren – Source Code – Proximity Recordings
    04. Ed:it & J Daure – Into The Light – Addictive Behaviour
    05. Jazzatron – Cat Arrow – Modulate Recordings
    06. NFR – Sense – IM:LTD
    07. Mortem – Midnight Analogs – Demand Records
    08. Scar – Treading Water – 31 Recordindgs
    09. Seereal – Hotspot – IM:LTD
    10. Anonymous – BLND#15 – Blind Music
    11. Philbee – Twitch – Director’s Cut
    12. S.P.Y ft. Total Science – Guidance – Hospital Records
    13. Bredren – Jungle Fever – Proximity Recordings
    14. Gerra & Stone – Long Game – Dispatch Recordings
    15. Survey – Collapse – Protect Audio
    16. Mikal & Nymfo – The Chosen – Metalheadz
    17. J2B – The Cold – Plush Recordings
    18. Fierce & Zero T – Back – Quarantine Recordings
    19. Survival – Runner – Dispatch Recordings
    20. Mauoq – Itchy Way – Terabyte Records
    21. Xanadu – BPD – Dom & Roland Productions

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