[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 058 – Manic

by Courtney LaFavor 

Happy Monday all! I hope the holiday weekend (extra day off?) Treated every well and left you all with the same amount of extremities as you entered it with. I took in spectacular displays of pyrotechnics from China and Dubai thanks to YouTube and avoided the insanity of public events in Indy.  Two types of music were played all weekend, drums and the basses. If you celebrated like I did, then you could be in for a double dose of awesome with this weeks NAPCast.

Manic is back with us, and if you were like me, you were checking out his radio set on Sunday on Bluezik Beatz Radio. While his last mix for us was a bit dark and subby, this week Manic brings it back to the sexy jazz soaked tracks we love. He keeps it simple on this one, with the majority of tunes sharing a deep liquid vibe that makes you feel stoked for the sun shining on your face, ready tackle anything life throws your way.  Get ready to get hooked into this one early, when the drums of our people come in thick and demanding. Manic also brings in the  bounce to carry you out of bed and into the streets. It will fill you with the energy to stand up to Monday. So get to it and check out this here jammy jam. Happy Murica!!

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