[Event] BASSMENT @ The Boiler Room Barcade

by Kayleigh Graul 

Imagine a space downtown that was dark, underground, filled with bass, booze, and all the classic arcade games you grew up with. Now imagine some of your favorite local DJs providing this experience at one of Indy’s hottest clubs on the strip all on a Saturday night….turned on a little bit? The NAP DNB crew sure hopes you are!

Imagine no more! Saturday, September 5th join us as we take over the basement of SkyBar 247 for our first installment of BASSMENT @ The Boiler Room Barcade. Located at 247 S Meridian St, SkyBar 247 and its other building inhabitants (Jokers, a comedy club and Taps and Dolls, a bar with over 50 taps) are no strangers to the Indy club scene, in fact, over the last few months this building has been THE place to be downtown Indianapolis on a Saturday night. Which is why NAP DNB is so stoked to have been invited to take over their newly renovated basement. Kicking off at 9pm there will be a rotating lineup of NAP DNB All-Star DJs playing all forms of drum and bass. An event like this is guaranteed to get your body moving as you are destroying all opponents in Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, Skee-Ball, Pac Man & more!

In addition to bringing you fresh new mixes each and every week, NAP DNB has been hosting the Tuesday night takeovers at Melody Inn for over a year.  The main bit of feedback we have received is that some people cannot come out late on a weekday due to kids, work, or school, so we have made it a point to try and get some affordable events on the weekend that allow everyone to check out the great Drum & Bass movement that’s growing here in Indy. So no excuses, lets pack this basement out and show SkyBar that the underground dance music scene is alive and well.

Logistics of this event are on your side as well. Check out our event page right now for the secret password to gain FREE entrance to the party. Parking at the south lot is going to also be your best. Located at the corner of Meridian and South Street, this lot is usually five bucks and is only two blocks from SkyBar 247.  In addition, we’ve partnered with UBER to get you a promo code for $20 off your first ride.  These guys will make sure you get to and from the event safe and sound, allowing you to get your party on!


Big thanks to everyone who have helped us get to where we are today, and more thanks to the people who share and invite their friends the BASSMENT @ The Boiler Room BarCade!

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