[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 081 – Synthetics

by Courtney LaFavor

Today is a tough one guys. It’s been a tough weekend to say the least. As I write this post, my heart is aching for the loss of a fine Naptown soldier of ALL of the dance floors around the city, and for my friends who are grieving. Jose Perez was the blistering, shining light you undoubtedly saw at all of the Indy Mojo events around town, and often popped up at events at Blu and The Mel. The dance music, shit, ALL music communities lost a beautiful soul and devoted supporter. Many gathered Saturday at The Vogue to dance and love in his honor, and Altered Thurzdaze this week is sure to be another touching tribute to someone who brought only happiness and positive energy into other’s lives. I’m holding on tight to my last memory of Jose; skanking his little butt off to Aphrodite and boogie-ing to house music in the back room. Radiating, and smiling, all the way.

Jose & Sammy @ NAP DNB Presents: Aphrodite | Photo Courtnesy of Defiant Productions

Jose & Sammy @ NAP DNB Presents: Aphrodite | Photo Courtesy of Defiant Productions

In a fitting touch to this week’s news, we were delivered some raw, emotional stuff from Synthetics for this week’s NAPCast. Always known for his rugged approach to his sets, it was awesome to discover the subtle releases he’s placed throughout this mix. From the jump you’re presented with pressure filled bass lines that get you on the edge of your seat. And then, without warning, it all drops away and ethereal strings capture your breath so quickly it almost hurts. Just as you recover, Synthetics drops you right back into the heart-pounding drum work he’s synonymous with. I don’t normally listen to a lot of the heavy heavy stuff on the regular, but this one sat perfectly in my mind with all of my other thoughts and provided the right outlet for a lot of these emotions. Even the sneaky appearance of some jazz trumpet gave other wise heavy track a hint of light, just like Jose. Give this mix your entire time, because the end is particularly groovy and worthy of the journey to get to it. Track for track, Synthetics hit the nail on the head for me big time with this one.

Big ups to Synthetics for getting this out to us, and ALL our LOVE to the Mojo Fam.

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