[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 137 – Carnie

by Courtney LaFavor

The best rule of thumb I’ve heard a musician of any kind share was “when inspiration strikes, hit record”. A life of regret is what you get when you fail to capture that magic that happens when you’re being pulled into your craft by something bigger than yourself. This is why I’m stoked to report that the one like Carnie must have heard the same rule and followed it. What results is a masterful sonic journey that has made its muse proud, of this I’m sure.

This week’s NAPcast is every bit a representation of a multifaceted DJ, but what it also does is showcase why I think Carnie is also probably the second strongest musical “story teller” that Indiana has. Whether he’s bringing you straight mayhem playing some tear-out madness or he’s stroking your passion with some longing liquid, Carnie lays it all on the table each and every time. NAPCast 137 lets us move all over the vibe map with grace and style of the utmost deliverance. Big bouncy liquid introduces things, but it doesn’t take him long to remind you that under all this sexy time, there is always the rumbling of the dark. Each time he moves you into his darkest regions, he shines a light on the ugliness that can fester there, so that we can over come it. Carnie challenges us to experience a range of emotions inside here be they of love, longing, regret or anger. These songs, in this order, are not just here to make you move your feet and bob your head. They are here to inspire you to let what’s inside out. These tunes give it a place to exist. He is in full control of this journey and he’s invited us to trust him as our guide. All of the biggest ups for not only track selection but of groove control. This thing rides along with such determined soul and passion, it’s one I’ll be listening to for manymanymany days, weeks and months to come. And one I’m sure everyone out there is going to dig!

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