[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 142 – Knotice

by Courtney LaFavor

Hello again friends! So glad you’ve found your way to back to us once again. By now you’ve probably heard the excitement alarms going off from all directions. If you’re behind the times (or not participating in FB like myself) then let me proudly announce that we are happy to bring you none other than DJ SS and Bladerunner on March 14th!! *cue heavy breathing* I will be burning up the dance floor from 10 until they make me leave, so you should all probably come join me.

Now, in order to burn off some of this excited energy, I need to 1) start stretching now, and 2) find a mix with matching intensity. Whaddya know, my good frand Knotice just haaaappened to drop off this little diddy to my mail box. Low! Crunchy techy goodness inside! Tastefully aggressive, as Antik One put it. Apparently Knotice was in some sort of “mood” for this one, but I think it comes across smashingly. That Altered Perception track, Acid Step has just the right crack in it and brings that half time vibe with flare. Get some for yourself and tell me you don’t feel that call to the jungle 😉

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