[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 150 – Christ!an


What’s up errrybody?! I hope everyone has enjoyed an excellent weekend (perhaps a little 4/20 carry over??) and is ready to take on any challenges which may be foolish enough to face you today! Spent my weekend being an adult of the highest order (yard work and grilling prime rib…because we do not play on first grill of the season day) and also supported my local record store (big ups to Square Cat Vinyl in Ft.Square!) on RSD. Snagged 2 Bowie albums so you know the collection received an outstanding expansion. While record shopping was the easiest part of my weekend, our NAPCast for today made raking leaves and laying mulch all the more tolerable.

This week’s mix also is here to serve as a friendly reminder of what you miss when you sleep on our monthly. For each Tuesday we book, we aim to bring in a variety of skill sets and sub-genre representation from local/regional performers so that we can ALL build our personal appreciation for all that drum and bass has to give. On the 11th our homie from the “future bass” camp, Christian came through to show off his dnb chops. I say “future bass” but no DJ can be labeled with just one genre when they’ve been in the game as long as he has. From Trance and House to Sexy Hippie Bass, Christian plays what he’s diggin’ on because he loves dance music and wants to make people move! And let me just tell you……he really really really did! I was blown away by the tunes he pulled out that night. All my favorite half-step rollers, making time feel like it was standing still and rushing past you simultaneously. A good balance of liquid with enough tech to give it some bite without scaring off the gentle souls. Getting into the meat of the set drives home the idea that he is caressing a line between what pure dnb/jungle IS and where it’s heading. This set pulled in so many influences; lots of different angles for people to get into the vibe with. The only problem was that too many people missed out on hearing it first hand! Granted, this gave me plenty of room to dance, BUT the palpable energy of being shoulder to shoulder with fellow heads is glorious and was missed during a set like this. I missed that moment when you’re really lost in the groove and the set changes course with a surprise gem – a cool down with some r&B running down your spine – that moment you snap back wide eyed to express your joy and instantly seeing someone else having that same moment next to you. For me (and many of us) it truly is part of what makes dance music so incredible! I had several “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S DROPPING THIS RIGHT NOW” moments that night, and came up empty on a fellow dance floor inhabitant to share them with. Bummer supreme. I know Tuesday nights are hard, but most times they’re totally worth being a little bit tired on Wednesday for. Especially when you get lucky with a shifty little set from an unsuspecting selecta!! Now go, get jiggy wit it (look, the 90s are back and so’s the lingo) and then let me see your smiling friggen’ face on May 9th so we can rub shoulders and be merry and stuff!

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