[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 151 – emplate

by Courtney LaFavor

Been a bummer of a weekend, y’all. Nothing but rain and flooding in this neck of the woods and I’m pretty much over not being able to use my house b/c it’s filled with water. When you’re in a cranktastic mood, the best you can hope for is some quality noises to make you forget about things for a moment or two, right? Turns out I’m the lucky one because not only do I always have 150 options available to me at any given time in the archives (and trust me, couple oldies still get bumped, thanks Gizz and Chachi!) but now I have 151! And it’s supremely dope and fitting for the environment currently.

Regarding being lucky, Indy is about to get a double dose of lucky next week when today’s guest artist graces the stage at The Mel. Emplate is cruisin’ in from Eastern Ohio with a full spectrum of supporting sounds from Miss DJ Fate, Num3rik and Knotice!


That’s right, we’re about to get CRAZY with some 4-on-the-floor bassy house in addition to dnb. ZOMG! Somebody call the genre police 😉 This week’s NAPCast on TOP of his latest goodie for The Platform Project on Bassport (my very favorite go to podcast for the VERY best, VERY eclectic, VERY underground chunes) have got me feeling able to slog through the grogginess of this weekend and bury my frustrations deep so that I can let them out next week on the dance floor. I told Antik One I appreciated the dark intensity of this mix without the need for just being “hardcore” for the sake of being hardcore.

There are much better ways, I feel, to express the underbelly of dnb; the part that birthed the only-sometimes-true notion that Junglists are just “angry all the time”. It can be quite velvety and melodic. Those are the qualities that really made this mix come to life today for me. Even though he didn’t plan it this way, I know Emplate always comes to the decks prepared to fill a room with fitting vibes. Dude also is a mix making machine. If you check the event page, you’ll see just a snippet of how frequently he’s been featured around the podcast circuit, and each one is distinct and just as methodical as the next. Not to mention hosting his own long running show on Bassport with The Everyday Junglist Podcast.

Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about how much work this guy does in the name of dnb. We’re extremely excited to host him on his Everyday Junglist tour and hope to see the massive come correct for him! After you groove out on this and my highly recommended pick of The Platform Project mix, come dance with us May 9th!

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