[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 152 – Andy Svoboda

by Courtney LaFavor

Happy Monday everybody! Hope the weekend left you feelin’ fantastic! First of all, I’d just like to say that I’m not sure how we’ve managed to just cruise on into May like it’s NBD, but I am not enjoying this hyper speed through time as much as I’d hoped. And because of this you know what we’re just a day away from, right? Of coooourse you do. Almost time to lace up your classics so we can have a little dance at the Mel tomorrow! Big man Emplate is rollin’ through, so let show him that Indy don’t slouch!


In NAPCast news – this week we have a new contender to the ring, Andy Svoboda! The grapevine tells me he once lived and played in my hometown of Buffalo, so maybe one day I’ll meet this apparent fellow transplant and figure out if our time frames line up. Who am I kidding, even if it they did, I was pretty aloof as to who was who back then; I just danced in the corners. That being said, this mix gave me a lot of hometown vibes with lots of big, slappy bass Jump-up that is just a delight to my ears (and heart). Andy Svoboda got that groove dialed in perfectly and it made all of my adulting projects uber enjoyable. And mad props to the final tune sampling the Harry Potter movie theme (someone help me ID this! PLEASE!)! Powerful way to go out of the mix that added a haunting element that reminds you you’re sure to come back for more on this. Find your dnb happy place inside this one today and bring me your smiles and hugs tomorrow!!

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