NAPCast: 154 - The Example

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May 22, 2017 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 154 - The Example

Holy Manic Monday, party people!! I'm looking down the barrel of back to back 10 hour work days this week, starting TODAY. No rest for the wicked, because it's all in the name of DRUM AND BASS! 2 more days until we descend into Columbus once again, this time for (heavy breathing) DOM AND ROLAND :-D :-D Anik One and I spent most of our weekend watching Metalheadz documentaries and rockin' out while we did arts and crafts (instead of doing adult things, like feeding ourselves) so I can tell you that our minds are certifiably ready for the impending adventure!! And since Ohio seems to be on our minds (and in our hearts) big time this week, don't we just so happen to have this week's NAPCast coming from Cincinnati rudeboy, The Example? Indeed we do.

The Example (Left & Blazewright - Photo Courtesy of I Shoot My Friends For Fun

I gotta start by saying I've been waiting (im)patiently for this mix for like, 3 years. I was first wowed by The Example and his partner in crime, Blazewright at an Altered Thurzday and I thought "who are these Vikings?!". So my shameless request for a mix was made and ever since I've just been sitting by our inbox pining away for some nugget of Viking powered dnb to find it's way to us...TO YOU! And now it has finally arrived! Now I can't blame anyone for delaying my gratification, especially when the person is holding down a hype night in their own hometown. The Freshlist in Cinci is a doooope night that features new talents from producers, to DJs of all genres, to fine artists. The focus on combining music and art cultures isn't anything new, but the crew at Freshlist has curated a focus for the Cincinnati scene that ensures it thrives and grows the culture. If you're a Cinci local and sleeping on this night, I need you to get your whole life together and be sure to check it out! I knew I was going to be in love with this mix before it even started just based on the playlist. It pains me that so few folks around me are as devoted to Enei as I am, so to see 6 tracks from him in here made my heart skip a beat!! Then he layers in Alix Perez, Hyroglyphic, and Stranjah and he automatically makes the years top 5 list easily. Lots of genre-bending and blending, everything from the footwork fans to the techheads will get funky to this one. Believe that this one is already in the heavy rotation club and will undoubtedly be part of the soundtrack for this week's Jungle Roadtrip. Make it part of your soundtrack before it's too late!

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