[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 158 – Duppy

by Courtney LaFavor

RED HOT FIRE ALERT!! Call all the fire people, because NAPCast 158 tore my roof off and burned it to the ground. Geeked to get this one out to all the ears out there so you too can feel the heat from virgin submitter, Duppy! But before all that, I hope everyone is as stoked as we are on the new tee-shirt launch. Make sure you get your orders in so you can rock that new-new all summer long!

After binging on cheesy 90s movies on a lazy Sunday, getting into this mix brought joy to my ears. Duppy channeled the dope vibe of west coast rap of the day that was pure perfection. She titled this mix Halftime Liquid and that’s a totally spot on description. I loved the push and pull of the blitzing snares as they moved in and out of all the nooks and crannies between Liquid and Halftime/footwork/juke. Her spin on Dbridge’s True Romance gave it a swing I’ve not recognized in it; A+ on that bit! Duppy definitely knows how to let things get wild on this one, letting melodies stretch and unfurl between genres. Trembling basslines bring things back to mellow and moves into the final phrases effortlessly. This lady brings it just as big as the boys and it’s obvious why she’s been able to grace the stages of NYC with the likes of Dub Stuy. Maybe some day they’ll be a Midwest stage for her to grace (*wishes on shooting star*). Come get some frenetic energy for your Monday, lord knows you need it!

Featured image photo credit: Matt Mateiescu Photography

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