[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 160 – Dyonysiz

by Courtney LaFavor

Sweet baby Jebus, I’m BACK! Looking forward to getting this stupid 1 day of work over with before official 4th festivities tomorrow! But seriously, why are we going in for 1 day just to be distracted and unproductive in our jobs? I feel like a 4 day weekend would not only be generous to the work force, but it just makes plain sense. Ain’t nobody got time for clickity clacks on their keyboards at work when they’re busy planning the 3 cook-outs they’re trying to hit up the next day before braving downtown for fireworks. Alas, if you’re like me, you’re stuck at your desk today counting down the minutes to your midweek dose of freedom (to celebrate FREEDOM!). But just like the 159 times before this, and the 159 after, we are here with some dnb goodness to melt some of those minutes away.

Another first timer stepping in for NAPCast 160 – this time it’s Indy’s own Dyonysiz! One third of Renegades of Bass, Dyonysiz brought us some super weird, atmospheric, techy, hardcore bidniss to dig into. AND I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT! This was probably my first time hearing him play solo so this mix really blew me away. Since I usually listen to these mixes later in the evening, I always appreciate these heady, spaced out frequencies. Even when they push into the hardcore sounds, as long as it’s mixed well, I’m all for it. Definitely giving the 2 am warehouse, 2nd room vibes inside here. One of those nights where you’ve lost all your friends (and your keys) so you’re just wandering around until you get sucked into darkness of the room and the sound. This shit will transfix ya for a whole night if you let it. Lucky for me, Dyonysiz is part of the sound camp crew heading up to the Paradox Burn in Michigan next month, so now I know I’ll have many many hours of mind expanding sound waves to look forward to! And now you know you can count on the next 50 minutes to be worthy of your attention today and every other day! Get wit’ it fam, and have a Happy 4th!


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