[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 161 – Sticky

by Courtney LaFavor

Aaaaalllllrighty ladies and germs! As always, congratulations on finding your way back here again this week. I’ve been busy working on a paper for school all day that required me to choose a culture I most relate to. I’ll give you 3 guesses as to what I chose. Hmmm…..bet you figure I just wanted to write about being a Jungle Bird and the glory and well wishing that goes with it. NOPE. Sorry to let you down, but I went with slightly broader subject and explained rave culture haha. Don’t worry, I made you all seem like steal humans and pillars of society. I won’t tell your secrets 😉

We’ve got some good ol’ fashioned jams for this week’s NAPCast from veteran submitter, Sticky. Just over an hour of fist pumping, foot shufflin, head noddin stuff that’s going to warm you up perfectly for tomorrow night (if you’re in Indy)!

Got a whole mess of talent gracing the Melody Inn stage, and a whole mess of sounds. Currently on a hot streak of playing just about every venue in town in July alone, Cam Miller is always blast when he brings his deep house groove, maybe even a little Bassnectary vibes. My favorite vampire and yours will leave his coffin and bring out that classic Jin-XS jungle mash-up sound he has mastered so so well! And….and….AND……omgthisisthebestpart yung blood Hajimari is being let in for the hour to blow our collective minds! This mean it is of CRITICAL importance that you bring your happy faces to the Mel by 10 so YOU don’t a miss a single second of all the great shit about to go down. As a reminder, we have shifted the set times a bit to try and help more folks see more of the sets and still be responsible adults (or whatever). Hollow Point‘s closing set will start at 1 am and the opening slots from Hajimari and Jin-XS’s sets will be 45 minutes instead of the traditional hour. Make note and let’s get busy tomorrow!

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