[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 162 – UV

by Courtney LaFavor

What it do homies?! Nuttin much over here, just ya, know, STILL recovering from the greatest show of my life last Thursday for IVY LAB!

Courtney w/ Halogenix of Ivy Lab

Courtney w/ Halogenix of Ivy Lab

Oh sweet baby jesus! I can’t believe anyone missed this major event but I’m also never mad when a lack of attendance means lengthy chat sessions with my most favorite DJ/producer right now (He told me I am a DELIGHT! And that Jungle Birds are #1! People betta recognize haha). Mrs. NuM3R1Kk may have started a war between Halogenix and Sam Binga, but only in good fun and it absolutely was hilarious! Definitely one of those nights where an education for all is had and nothing but chill vibes (and a surprise b-day party for Knotice!) across the board. Lets’s do these things more often, shall we?!?

Speaking of chill vibes, my dudes Antik One and Knotice are starting to gear up for the M.I.A party, Tribe, they’re playing in September. The last massive M.I.A put on was a HUGE success with tons and tons of talent the whole night through.

Tribe promises to be more of the same with heavy hitters Jaybee, Mega Mike and a slew of M.I.A souljahs along side our guys. To get everyone up to speed on the names and sounds Tribe is bringing you, this week’s NAPCast is from M.I.A hitman and Tribe performer, Dave UV. If you’re in the mood for some wicked heavy jump-up, UV is your guy! Definitely representing that upper Midwest Hardcorps mentality when it comes to drum and bass, but that’s what makes the dance world go round! I highly recommend stretching your neck before getting into this one, because you are most assuredly going to get whiplash from these here tunes! Get into it because you’re gonna wanna come on this next Junglist Adventure in September!

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