[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 163 – Knotice

by Courtney LaFavor

One of these days I’m going to look back on these pages of blathering nonsense about snarky DJs and warped drum edits and think “Damn. I was a real geek about this stuff. If only I could have made a forture at it!”, and then I’ll die in back of an 86 El Camino after engaging in a Mexican standoff with Alex Jones’ rogue police squad in the name of a robot Bernie Sanders in the year 2036. Now, if we do make it to 2036 and Alex Jones DOES have some sort of rogue suicide squad or whatever, I sure do hope that it’s all soundtracked to those excellent warped drum edits I mentioned.

Now. If you’re more in the mood for a soundtrack that grabs you a little more “sexy dinner party with a bird’s eye view of the city”, then right here in the present is where you want to be. NAPCast 163 comes from one of my faaaavorite trouble making partners and DJ extraordinaire, Knotice!! I love the heavy roller bassline with phat diva vocals coming off the opening track, All I want from Silent Type. Got me ready to pump this bad boy as loud as I could. I was really happy to get this one in ahead of our arrival at Tribe in Chicago (Sept 9th. Mark it) so that Knotice could flex a bit for our friends up there before he comes to really rinse out. If you like it gnarly with a side of tech and a sprinkle of jazz, Knotice is gonna be your guy.

Ever since we lured him away from House music, he’s shown what being a versatile DJ gets you. He gets hard, but never breaks you; gets sexy, but never gets you pregnant. WHAT A GUY! When you can make the transition from dark rollers into ragga into half-time and back again with Quarterpounder Bass, you’re building a pretty good argument for that extraordinaire title I threw around. I think the main lesson we can all take away from listening to Knotice is that we should never be comfortable getting comfortable in specific genre. He always takes the BEST vibes from everywhere (and I mean literally everywhere. The guy digs in outer space) but is careful to create consistency with those vibes. I’m always happy to tear up a dance floor for him and I can’t wait to do it with a hundred or so extra sets of feet in a couple months! Enjoy it now people, and stay hungry for more!!

One thought on “[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 163 – Knotice”

  1. Knotice took my joy of dancing to a totally bold and vibrant level this weekend.
    I’ve fallen in love again, to an array of beautifully mixed sounds of the earth, enhanced.
    Knotice, I will follow your creativity mixes, to the end of the earth!
    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

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