[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 165 – MK2

by Courtney LaFavor

Greetings Humans! We are recently back in the land of the living after spending the last 5 days running our first sound camp at a Burn! We were lucky enough to grace Michigan with our vast variety of sounds from the dance music spectrum. Paradox – The Metaphysical Burn was a great experience for the whole NAPDNB crew to get our feet wet in the whole business of creating and running a full theme camp. And as per usual, mother nature tried to rain on our camping festivities for a couple days, but we ain’t scurred of a little water when our tarp skills are master level! It was awesome to watch the folks who let curiosity lead them into camp and be over taken by the beat. People found their inner dancer souls and let them escape on the dance floor; truly a sight to behold! We’ve already got plans in the works for next year and other burns, so keep those calendars open next summer so you can join us too!

This week’s NAPCast has a fun little tie in to this the past week’s adventures. MK2 has been a figure of American Drum and Bass for the past 20 years, leaving his mark throughout the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. That tie in? One of his previous monikers is Paradox 😉 Inside this 30 minutes is a tiddy little liquid funk mix that rinses out the current classics. This is the sort of set I love having on hand to vibe out to while preparing for a night at the Mel (ya know…like TOMORROW), so follow my lead and then bring those good vibes to us while we give no rest to our weary feet as we dance to Souljahz of Fortune and regale you of tales of Paradox!

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