[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 166 – DJ Hizer

by Courtney LaFavor

BOOYYAAAA!! HAPPY MONDAY, MANIACS! I’m feeling extra froggy today since I’m officially comin’ atcha with a new laptop!! My 9 year old Toshiba has served me well and taking numerous beatings, but the time has come for Courtney to get herself a fresh typing whip. Also stoked to get to christen said lappy with a NAPCast. When this week’s NAPCast dropped in the mail box, my brain was a flutter with excitement, then I jammed on it Sunday afternoon and all my excitement was totally warranted! It’s super weird having a computer with non-blown out speakers right inside of it. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!

Our dude DJ Hizer with the blessings this week. This guy…..what a true-blue-stand up for the love of all things dance-guy. He JUST received his new mixer after lots of hassle and run around getting the model he desired and puts this little diddy together for us. I’m pretty sure I saw the post about it’s successful arrival and play time within the week of us getting this mix. It rocked my socks that we had a spot at the top of his list to perform for on it! But if we’re being honest here…..what mixer DOESN’T want to be broken in with some amens?! Hizer straight delivers on the drumfunk goodies all over in here. So crunchy but warm and inviting. Got me feelin’ some sorta way with those Craig David vocals too! Take some time to give this one a couple of listens, because it’s worth it to pick up all the nuanced flavors circling each other in here. Another big time banger from a techno kid….who’da thunk?? Us, that’s who! And clearly, you too! Jam it loud and proud my friends, spread the gospel far and wide! Much Love!

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