[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 167 – Knotice B2B Antik One (Paradox Re-cap)

by Courtney LaFavor

Greetings Pinkies! That’s you I’m talking to. How do I know you’re a Pinkie? Well, if you weren’t at Paradox two weekends ago, that probably places you amongst the pinkiest from the outset. Some of you might be aware that a portion of the NAP DNB fam headed north to Michigan to attend the Paradox Burn. It was our first group camping trip where we not only came to provide DJ talents, but included our own sound set up and theme camp on top of that. 10 of us made the journey, half of us were total virgins to a legit Burn. Like…Burning-Man-Burn. We’ve done plenty of music fests that included people spinning burning things, but they were not events that followed the tenants of Burning Man as their purpose. And even though music was a part of the atmosphere, it’s not the objective of the attendees so it is entirely different than any music festival you’ve encountered. The camping and half (fully) naked drunk people makes them similar 🙂 Other than a small snafu with the generator we brought not working upon arrival, and a day of drizzly cold rain, the weekend went off without any insanity and we opened a lot of ears and hearts to the power of Drum and Bass!! Shout out to new friends Lucas and Assata for getting down with us throughout the weekend!

Our theme camp…..oh our theme camp. Dobbstown – Sound Camp of the Subgenius. If any of you are familiar with the Church of the Subgenius or J.R “Bob” Dobbs you should already have an idea of what we’re talking about here. I’ll be honest…..our planned events mostly fell to the way side in favor of dance breaks, exploring and chillaxing. We’d prepared to host a full on Terror-core sit down church revival, but alas….our preparations fell short and our ability to keep track of time and herd fellow burners failed. Such is camp life sometimes! We did get a couple of folks roll through our Dance of the Insensitive Bastards on Saturday night though! The spot where we did SHINE though had to be our decor! My buddy painted us some really dope advertisement style signs for our camp entry, I made some rainbow LED backlit TVs that Knotice made some screen inserts for that looked AMAZE if I don’t say so myself, and Knotice went to a full nother level for his enhancements. Didn’t this badass go out and buy himself a projector and software so he could run the most BANANAS imagery you’ve ever seen?! Seriously, I feel like some of our friends from Paradox really missed out on what he was producing because we were tucked away in a back corner, but for those who DID make into camp……they were thoroughly mind blown!

And of course there was the sounds streaming out of camp all weekend. Between Antik One, Knotice, Hollow Point and Dyonysiz they must have covered every single inch of dnb and it’s manymanymany subgenres. And these weren’t just one hour sets each. No way, Jose. Our dude HP played for like 3 hours first thing Friday morning and that was just the start. Everyone logged serious time behind the decks and we tried to record just about every minute of it (got most, not all. Technology is dumb). I can’t promise that we know who any of it IS necessarily, but I can promise you that we’re gonna share what we got! This week’s NAPCast is “most likely” Knotice and Antik One, on Saturday night. This was pretty much during Dance of the Insensitive Bastards, and from how filthy it went down, I’d say it makes it pretty insensitive. Both guys went in on a handful of classics and put them on their head. I was beyond thrilled to say the least. More than a few people told me they were amazed at the way the tunes were making them dance. Moves they’d never known they had before were flowing through them! The fact that nobody at Paradox was necessarily there hear a particular DJ or genre of music was absolutely a benefit to a sound camp. Explorers were definitely welcoming new experiences and some of the edges of dnb are deliciously dangerous. To hear strangers tell us that we were awakening their souls with our beloved sounds was a mark of an excellent trip!

We learned a LOT on this first time out, but mostly I think we learned that this sound camp deal is an avenue worthy of pursuing as a further mission of spreading dnb gospel near and far. Wheels are turning and talks are being had for our next sound camp appearance, so really really do yourself a favor next time, and come with us!! We do it up right, stay dry even when weather sucks and will feed your faces delicious treats. Pencil in Memorial Day weekend. Just sayin’. Dig into the next two hours and then come back and tell me you wouldn’t have loved chillin’ out in the woods to it while dancing under the stars with your friends. You won’t, I promise!

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