[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 168 – Dyonyisz

by Courtney LaFavor

What up everybody! Thanks for making your way back to us once again this week 🙂 Before we jump into this week’s NAPCast, just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up. I know we’ve been talking about the Tribe party up in Chicago that was scheduled for September 9th for a while now, but due to some unforeseen circumstances it had to be rescheduled. The new date is November 3rd. Good news, it’s a Friday, so you don’t have to spend your whole weekend being irresponsible! If you weren’t going to be able to join me, Antik One and Knotice for the September show, I’m hoping this new date will be more agreeable.

This week we’ve got another session from the Dobbstown crew, this time a little taste of Dyonyisz. As a reminder, these recordings are all completely live, and because of such there’s bound to be some imperfections. Please don’t hold these slip up against any of the crew, as they put in some seriously strenuous hours to get camp built and then later protected from the elements when it started to rain. On day 4, which is when today’s recording was done, came around, the energy levels were pretty low. Was every performance perfect the whole trip? Definitely not. Is that totally acceptable? In my mind it is. Even to listen to later. On re-listening, this hour almost feels like several mini mixes woven together as opposed to a straight hour of one dominate genre. It still has a cohesive Jungle vibe to it, but there are definitely breaks in the rhythm that represent the transitions between vibes. I have no doubt that everyone will dig this bit though. Enjoy the ride with Dyonyisz!

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