[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 169 – Jimbo V

by Courtney LaFavor

You better be reading this blog post from the comfort of your bed today! Labor Day, a day without laboring. Unless you’re IN labor, in which case, KEEP PUSHING! But for those of you cursed to work this important holiday, I’m very sorry and hope your boss or whoever makes that rule wakes up to a bed full of spiders one day. On the plus side, this week’s NAPCast is hella good, so you’re getting a bit of a present for being such a good employee and fan/friend of NAPDNB. You’re welcome.

Got another one of them youth’s coming through to flex for us and you should rest assured he comes with it. Going out to the footwork and juke fiends out there, Jimbo V from Bloomington, IN, gives a class on the genres. Dare I say I even hear a bunch of beat juggling in here? That makes two bucks from B-town who have embraced the classic sense of DJing even given their access to numerous technologies. I like what I’m seeing out that town, making Indy #jelly. From the very first tune (ID PLEASE!! THIS THING IS KILLLLLEERRR) Jimbo V’s set reads like a story of what has evolved out of Jungle over 25+ years while still honoring the roots of it. I know I sound like a big softy with all of the youth delivering the goods this past year but it’s true, and I’m not wrong and you know it too. ALL the biggest ups out to Jimbo V on this. How soon can we get him here?!

Don’t forget next week, the 12th is the move to The Mel. It’s my pre-bday celebration to see my lover take headlining duties. Fair chance there could be a battle, so you’re probably not gonna wanna miss it. Kthx. Warming up the night will be a rarely spotted Wild Num3r1k and Dyonyisz! Come dance with meeeeee!

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