[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 170 – Shurez

by Courtney LaFavor

Happy Monday Junglist Massive! Another weekend has escaped us, but I hope you were like me and a mad decent one (afternoon of house music on a building roof top PLUS Golf Clap, not a shabby way to kill a day). My feet are pretty much crippled after dancing them off at the homecoming of Dave Owen along side Johnny Utah and Manic on Thursday then Golf Clap yesterday. Someone get me some orthopedic shoes! Then this mix shows up and all it does it make me want to dance more! HOW DARE YOU SIR! 😉

If you’d been feeling like maybe you were behind on the latest releases off of Hospital Records this year, this mix is a nice sampler of all the juciest tracks from Logistics, Danny Byrd, Ownglow, Whiney and Makoto. Along side all these heavy hitters are the rest of the usual suspects with tunes from Seba, Hybrid Minds and Macca and Loz Contreas. In The Mood from Macca and Loz Contreas has been my summer jam since it dropped and I probably won’t stop listening to the new Makoto album for another year. Such deep vibes hitting on all the feels inside the NAPCast all packed with the Hospital goodness. This is Shurez’s second contribution to the collection and it was great to hear another side of his taste in the wonderful world of drum and bass. Big sounds all the way through here complete with tons of phat vocals breathing the soul and groove from start to finish. Get your day in gear with this great set from Shurez!

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