[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 171 – The Librarian

by Courtney LaFavor

Hooollleerrr! Guise, this week is gonna be a problem. It’s Sunday evening and already I can feel the anticipation of Friday breathing down my neck. I know you’re wondering why, so hold on. In 6 days I celebrate my triumph accomplishment of making it around the sun 35 times. It’s been no easy feet and I am super tired (it’s cold out there in space) from all those trips. In order to mark this great occasion, the rave gods have smiled down upon me with one of the greatest gifts the universe could ever give……I GET TO SEE GOLDIE IN 5 DAYS WHICH TECHNICALLY ENDS ON MY BIRTHDAY!! If you’ve seen me in person in the last month, I’ve probably yelled this in your face. It’s likely that my heart and brain are gong to explode during his set and this will be my last post. It’s been really real, let me tell ya. Should I meet my untimely demise on the dance floor, tell my parents I love them and that rave’s not dead, and I’ll see YOU heathens down below.

But what’s the one thing we all have that promises to ease us into the adult/work week? Say it with me now….this week’s NAPCast! We’ve got a smokin’ hot goodie for everyone this go round from one of the founding members of American dnb label, Elm Imprint. The Librarian has been their graphic designer and press writer for the label since it’s inception. Elm Imprint has been steady rising over the last couple of years and tune out tune after tune of top quality dnb that represents the american sound to it’s fullest. The Librarian himself has had an interesting love affair with records over his lifetime, having developed his own very specific cataloging system for retrieval, hence the name. I’ve always envied the DJ brain that can recall tunes they haven’t heard in a decade and then tell you all the specifics like who wrote it, produced it, label, and year of release. I have a hard enough time remembering songs I fell in love with last month. I would be overwhelmed to witness The Librarian in action utilizing his system. At least now we can hear a bit of it! 50 minutes of Jungle flavor all up in our ear holes! Yes, this will do quite nicely in quelling my urge to escape work and camp out in Sound-bar for the next week. Big ups to The Librarian for spreading the love, and keep up the good work over at Elm Imprint! Enjoy your week everyone, and think of me, openly weeping on the dance floor over his majesty on Friday <3

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