[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 174 – Easyrider

by Courtney LaFavor

You know what’s not fair? When your husband has one of those cushy gov’ment jobs and gets to stay home today and you don’t because you work for the “man”. He’s all snug as a bug and I’m over here blankly staring into a monitor for 8 hours. YIPPY ADULTING! I’m just sayin’, if it’s so important that government employees need a day to observe, so does the average citizen. All created equal, amirght??

Ok sorry, Columbus Day rant over. Interestingly enough todays jump-up powered NAPCast was exactly what helped get that out and onto the keyboard! Even Furthur alum, Easyrider sent this week’s banger in for us to destroy to! I definitely feel like stomping around loudly to it as to “accidentally” wake up my slumbering prince (love you boo-boo!). I hope if you’re having a lousy Monday and want to slam around angrily or just thrash your head repeatedly you give this bad boy a listen!


Before I go we also need to talk about how jammed packed this week is for the NAPDNB familia! As you’re probably hip to, tomorrow marks our monthly visit to The Melody Inn and we’re gonna toast up our boy Hollowpoint for his mutha fuggin’ biiirrfffddaayyyy! So if you forgot to post on his wall to post that “HBD!” you can bring your self to him PERSONALLY and give him a big ol’ slap on the ass! Or buy him a beer, he’s probably into both. So after partying all night in honor of the big guy, we’re giving you just two days to rest because then Knotice and Antik One are hosting a NAPDNB stage at the Turtle Productions party, Activity!

You can find such friends as Cam Miller, The Jan!tor, Sweater Disco, Phsyko-Lojik and What The Bleep playing along side them at a virgin venue in Martinsville on Friday the 13th! It’s so gonna be a super sweet night of howling at the moon and dancing till we drop. You can camp over if you’re so inclined, so make sure to hit up the event page for full details! Busy Busy week kicks off right meow, so catch me if you can, but make you I see YOU at something!! Party on, kids!

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