[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 175 – Andyman

by Courtney LaFavor

Hey everybody! Hopin’ you all had a marvelous weekend of tomfoolery before the storm moved in. Needless to say, if you didn’t join us at Activity on Friday the 13th, you missed out on the highlight of your weekend. Virgin/inaugural events are always tough to gauge, but thanks to Turtle Productions’ hard work, we saw a cozy group turn out and getting down under a thick blanket of stars on that perfect night. Our NAPDNB stage hosted just about every sound from straight dnb to tech-house, trap, bass house, ragga jungle and electro-swing. And The Nucleus stage run by Turtle was no slouch either! We didn’t seem to offend the locals too badly, so maybe all you no showers can get another chance to have a great time with us out in the woods 🙂

This week’s NAPCast takes you back into the world of jump-up but with more of a focus on the vocal aspect of the sound and is from our friend Andyman aka Andy Svoboda. The opening of this set definitely had me feeling the dark and haunting October vibes, so it already gets a big plus in the “win” column for that. It’s always wild to me how two mixes both labeled with the same genre can sound incredibly different. Where Easyrider’s mix last week was full on aggro style jump-up, Andyman’s rides an easier groove that’s just as energetic. Definitely a version of the genre more my speed. I really enjoyed the ragga bits that hang out in the middle too!

Now that we’re halfway through October, I’m officially getting pumped for our next event, a very special Halloween show at the Melody on the 31st. A two-room spectacular featuring all of Indy’s finest talents on the one and twos. For the absolutely shockingly low price of $2 you can get your fix of all the house, techno and drum and bass you can fit into 6 hours. DJ Hizer’s accepted headlining duties in the front room with sets from Hajimari, Sweater Disco and Gizzmo while House of Babylon showcases Organix, Fate, Jackola, and Ryan Dille to work out the house styles in the back! Trick or Treating highly encouraged, and costumes WILL BE JUDGED! Knotice will be keeping things creepy with an assortment of disturbing visuals for you freaks too! So come dance with the undead and let’s get spooky!

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