[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 176 – B-3PØ

by Courtney LaFavor

General PSA: If the next time you see Antik One he randomly and abruptly asks you to come out to his car for a minute, do not be alarmed. He simply completed his audio upgrade in his car and it sounds reeaallll nice now so he wants to share. I promise he’s not trying to kidnap you. Well, maybe he is, but I promise he’d only show you a good time.

Speaking of a good time, it’s inside this week’s NAPCast, DUUUHHH!! B-3PØ brings up the hype level with ravetastic jump-up and electro infused liquid, even some rail riding dubstep tossed in there to REALLY get the blood pumping on a Monday. I’ll say this one is definitely for the festi kids more so than the heady types. But that’s what great about it, everyone can find something that gets them in their groove! I know old man Giz was digging on this hour, so that’s like adding additional 4 gold stars to any rating! After the weekend I had running all over Broad Ripple after zombies, I’m definitely in need of some extra pick me up, so I’m for sure hitting the repeat button on this one, maybe you should to!

Oh, and another general PSA: Halloween night, the REAL night, we’re having shenanigans for all heads, House, Techno, Grime, whatevs, with our buddies House of Babylon at the Melody Inn. Cover is only $2 and we’re giving out prizes for best costumes! Come early and stay late! DJ Hizer taking on headlining duties while Hajimari, Sweater Disco and Gizzmo complete the main stage evening. HOB is hosting Organiz, DJ Fate and Jackola for what is sure to be a night full of jackin house and moody tech house (which I can not WAIT for!). And your last chance to show off that bitchin Trump costume or sexy Moana you crafted from scratch! Let’s get weird on the 31st!

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