[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 177 – Gizzmo

by Courtney LaFavor

Happy (early) Halloween everybody! I’m guessing many of you are still recovering from a weekend packed with spooky antics and celebrations of the paranormal. Halloween is a special time, made even more special by our extra special Halloween party at the Mel!

Gonna be a terrifyingly good night full of techno, house, dnb treats and definitely a few tricks! I just got done practicing my make up for tomorrow, so if I’m getting decked out, I expect to see all the rest of you out in your best form too!

Coming in hot this week is resident Old Man, Gizzmo! What’s to be said about one of Indiana’s finest that hasn’t already been said? Everyone already knows my various opinions on his skills so I won’t bore anyone with repeating myself. Gizz got a wild hair up his butt and decided to put himself to a little test. Randomly pick a BPM and start playing. Anything and everything. Lucky number 175 came up for this round and the end product, while ADD in nature, is a supreme example of the swath of sounds that a single speed can accommodate. From it we got Rockwell, Spectrasoul, Break, Sage and Logistics. That’s just the start! I’m still convinced that Gizzmo could record a bunch of engine sounds and then mix them together to produce some really gnarly stuff, so it is of no surprised what he managed to work out in this week’s NAPCast. Lots of techy, grindy bits dancing with liquid layers and all keeping the same pace. Test passed if that’s the only question that’s left. Because it should be. Gizzmo himself is rounding out the show tomorrow night, so let this tidbit entice you to come help yourself to more of his treats on the decks! Lets get spooookkkyyyy!!

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