[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 180 – Dyonysiz

by Courtney LaFavor

Oh hello there. What a pleasure to have you back with us for another adventure in NAPCasting! As you may well be aware, winter is setting down upon the Midwest and elsewhere this past weekend. The weather in Indy was the type that makes me want a tumbler full of bourbon, a fury rug and a crackling fire place. Most importantly it makes me want smooth jazz sounds. The kind that warms your soul. The kind of stuff that’s like if Ron Burgundy and Duke Silver made a baby. Those sounds. Well guess who’s steppin up to deliver?

Ya boi Dyonysiz with the straight baby makin’ mushroom jazz type of dnb. Smoke filled dive bar lounges is where this mix should be played, repeatedly. This gem comes in like a slow burn, swelling with crisp, atmospheric jungle. Quite the swanky place setting for an hour infused with liquid rollers and deep groove that begs for a night cuddled up with the one you love. No, this is not your typical floor burner, get up and shake the dust off ya kind of mix. You’re gonna want to go ahead and let yourself unwind to this one. Dyonysiz goes deep into the liquid pool too – digging into the darker corners and techy turns without running off into the creepier territory – and makes the most of it. Even though this starts out with a feels trip, by the end he’s gonna have you plenty warmed up, you might not even need that bourbon anymore! Also make sure you find yourself a bear skin run and a fire so you too can have the complete experience while listening! Big ups to Dyonysiz for this seductive new mix, and to all you beautiful monsters out there rockin’ it! Last but not least, everyone have a happy and safe Turkey Day! Eat all the things!

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