[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 181 – DJ Curtis Jones

by Courtney LaFavor

Who’s still in a turkey coma!?! Good, now gimme all your leftovers cuz I haz none. Hope everyone had a lackadaisical weekend full of family, friends and plenty of gravy. If you had to work Black Friday, I’m deeply sorry for your suffering. Been there fam, been.there. Four days of freedom were sure nice, even if I did adult my way through most of it. I also did my fair share of being thankful and right about now I’m thankful for another dose of dnb goodness in this week’s NAPCast!

DJ Curtis Jones is back once again to treat us to a bounce fill hours of chuuuuunes! Lots of Jump-up back again too. Man, you guys sure love this stuff…LOVE IT. Since I don’t listen to a ton of Jump-up type producers all that frequently, lots of this set is brand new/unheard by me. Maybe some of you more well versed Junglists can point out some of the top gems inside here :blush: I did manage to ID that “Black Widow” sample, 2 points for me! But it’s not all chainsaws and wobble, there’s a lot of back and forth with the vibe in here. Some of it’s gonna really beat your brains about, and some of it is gonna make you want to chill out with some dark vibes. Even wraps the whole thing off in lane I’m possessed to call more of a “hippy bass” sound that’s been so popular the last couple of years. I think we can all appreciate when a DJ can skillfully bring those two very separate sounds together and make them work. Big up to Curtis for putting in the work to share with you all today! So now get back to digesting your third round of stuffing and then dance it off with this mix guys!

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