[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 183 – Menace

by Courtney LaFavor

Happy Monday, Homies!! Has the holiday frenzy finally set upon you? Did you sell your soul the capitalist Grinch that is Big Box shopping? I’m not judging, just assessing. Frankly I’m an online shopping gal myself, so it’s been a wonderful week of daily deliveries and making my dog totally spastic. Of course there’s more yet to come, but I managed not go to TOO crazy this year. Any of you fast acting ninjas grab up any of the back catalogue from Dispatch Records they put on sale last week? $30 for 10 records?! You could have stuffed an awful lot of Junglist stockings with a smart move that like. But whoever you’re shopping for, I hope your finding only the most rad gifts for those you love!

As per usual, we’ve got a little stocking stuffer of a mix for ya with this week’s NAPCast! Another piece of fresh meat for your listening pleasures too. Menace (Or Midwest_Menace on Mixcloud) is bringing us the heat with his submission. This mix had me feeling a bit pulled in two pieces. What starts out as a rough tempo jump-up number smoothly transitions into luxurious liquid, twice. I might be feeling a big drained from the frequent use of Jump-up in and Neuro mixes all over the internet these days, but felt like Menace did a great job using it to push this mix from dark to light and back again and again. Really put the opposing forces of the dnb world head to head and made them dance with each other. Mad respect out to Menace for this one!

Don’t forget tomorrow the 12th marks our monthly event at The Mel! House of Babylon hosting house vibes in the back room with shadowy I:machine leaving his mark on the front of house. Support from Johnny Utah and NAPDNB All-Stars Hollow Point and Knotice means this is a night sure to keep you warm from the freezing temps and grooving all night long! Come out and play with us for the last time ever in 2017!!

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