[Year Review] 2017 Wrap-up

by Courtney LaFavor

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone got all the greatest goodies and presents you asked Santa for this year, even though I know most of you were VERY ill behaved 😉 2017 treated us to another 51 weeks of glorious and diverse drum and bass mixes from around the world. As per usual, our last NAPCast of the year is dedicated to bestowing the highest honor on one of those mixes that proved to be “best”. Not that I can really make a choice given all the great options, so I scoured the archives to find one that would represent a lot of different aspects of the genre. So after many hours of relistening, I’ve determined that this year’s best NAPCast was number 167, the B2B stylings of Knotice and Antik One while at Paradox: The Metaphysical Burn.

These two hours travel from drumfunk, to liquid, to techstep and everything in between. The last night/after-midnight vibes are deep throughout and gave me a solid walk down memory lane of all this past year has given the NAPDNB familia. So much traveling to see so many amazing Dj sets, both big names and small. And given that Gizzmo is gearing up to appear at the next Tribe party with the MIA crew in Chicago in January, I have a feeling we won’t be stopping anytime soon!

So here’s to 2017 and all the great drum and bass that came out this year and every year before. Re-enjoy this mastery work by Antik one and Knotice as the soundtrack to the rest of your Christmas celebrations! See y’all next year!

One thought on “[Year Review] 2017 Wrap-up”

  1. AWESOME! Hey Courtney, WOW Thanks so much for recognizing the power of B2B styling by Antik one and Knotice NAPCAST 167 (hope I gave proper homage to their title). They rocked my spirit and soul as they introduced me to world music, of which I tune into when I need to burn up my excess energy and grove to their beats. I look forward to jamming live with you all again. Happy holidays to you all. Still Loving my painted tile. Thanks again.

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