[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 185 – emplate

by Courtney LaFavor

Happy freaking NEW YEAR fam!! I hate to sound like a broken record, but damn I’m sure glad to see this one go. Don’t get it twisted though, this past year has been plenty of fun. Got to check off four major people on my bucket list (Sam Binga, Ivy Lab (Halogenix), Dom and Roland, and Goldie), explored running a soundcamp, made new frands and generally enjoyed all the rowdy peeps I get to call crew. And that crew is looking ahead at 2018 and will be plotting and scheming to continue bringing you the very best in dnb both in the NAPCast and monthly at The Mel. Keep your eyes and ears glued here so you can be in the on the very latest as it’s announced!

Coming in hot for 2018, and a great way to get things really started, is our dude Emplate from Cleveland. Veteran radio show host and supporter, this week’s NAPCast is well constructed hour that highlights Emplates souljah status. If you’re familiar with any of his radio show appearances (his own or guest mixes) you know that he rides heavy on the dark and twisted side of things. Luckily for those listening in recovering mode today, he makes sure to get you good and warmed up before really punching things up. The splash of Trump vocals really is the cherry on top for those already suffering head throbbing. Sorry not sorry friends.

And as this new year breaks, I’m just going to put one simple request out there. We’ve been at this NAPCast hustle for over 3 years now and have been lucky enough to always be supported with some of the best quality work from dope dudes and ladies all over the world. However, if there’s ONE thing that I would personally love to leave in 2017, it would be hour long sets of only/mostly jump-up. So I’m issuing a challenge to everyone who’s ever submitted and who’s ever considered it: BRING ME YOUR WEIRDEST STUFF! Have you been working on a theme mix comprised exclusively of movie quote samples, or are you neck deep in the half time, minimal vibes? We wanna hear em! We wanna share em! Just remember, they gotta be EXCLUSIVE to our little blog here, so no fair posting it on mixcloud for all the hear With that mission in mind, go forth and hit that record button every time you step behind the decks and let’s see what comes out!

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