NAPCast 186…or is it?

by Courtney LaFavor

So here we are. NAPCast 186. 186 weeks. 186 posts. 185 exclusive to NAPDNB (and friends) mixes. Wait, 185? Yep. It’s finally happened kids……our well has run dry. It’s with great sadness to have to write this out but I’m just assuming that this week’s lack of submissions means that everyone just went a bit hard for NYE and took all week to recover. You’ll all be back next week, RIGHT?!

I promise we won’t let you guys down again. BUT to be sure you get your weekly fix of proper dnb, make sure you find your way to The Mel tomorrow for the Bon Voyage party for our one and only Rob Jones (aka B.A. Barrawkas)! Expect a night of random tagging madness from the rest of the NAPDNB All-Stars with a very special final set from our boi. Ashville is getting a whole lot cooler with his arrival and we will certainly miss him dearly!

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