[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 188 – Gizzmo

by Courtney LaFavor

Welcome back, fam! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend of dethawing and maybe actually seeing some sunshine! I myself am struggling to get on the Adult Bus this Monday since it’s the first Monday I’ve work in 2018. The thought of a full five day work week is really getting me down. And when I’m REALLY struggling, I rely on the NAPCast to be full of something powerful so I can engage with society like a normal human (kinda).

Color me thankful for Gizzmo then this week! You may have heard the rumors that the Old Man was gracing the Windy City for the next installment of Tribe (they’re 100% true).

If there’s one thing Gizzmo knows, it’s Chicago and how they like their bassey beat-downs. He’s even updating the crates to include some new new, just for you Chicago! So in preparation for this coming Friday, Gizz put this little warm up together for us to share. Good solid hour of non-stop dominance of your ear holes, that’s what’s happening here. You could get on your knees and beg for him to relent, but he won’t. To all our friends who will be graced with his showmanship on Friday, let this wet your appetite for those final hours of destruction he’s going to lay down. Considering the line-up, I’ll be surprised if Smartbar is still standing at the end. And if you manage to dance and noodle your way through this set right here, I doubt you’ll be standing either!

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