[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 191 – Renegades of Bass

by Courtney LaFavor

Greetings and Salutations, friends! In spite of the fact that Valentine’s Day is a commercial creation, developed to help swindle people out of more of their hard-earned money on diamonds, chocolate and roses, I will say I’m feeling a whole lot of love in the air. For example, I’m currently in love with the fact that Kroger’s knock-off of Halo Top ice cream is twice and good and half as expensive! See, it’s the little things that really matter to the heart, guys. And of course I’m always feelin’ the love for the never ending stream of dnb coming from the internet to my ears. I think we can all agree that the BEST way to tell that certain someone just how much you care, is by taking them out for a night of superb music, and cheap drinks.

Well lucky YOU because WE have just that sort of night planned for everyone TOMORROW! Anita Vokill is making his first appearance with us to get us in the mood, then Jungle Brothers, Antik One and Ceebz reunite to bring us a swingin’ Subpushers set! Of course we can’t forget the ultimate partnership, Renegades of Bass, who’ll be holding down headlining duties! With Hollow Point wrapping up the front room and House of Babylon doin’ the House vibes right in the back, there is no reason to pass up this night. $2 for a night of romance doesn’t get much better.

As an extra special treat, today’s NAPCast is from the one and only Renegades of Bass. Sit back and enjoy a nice cruise through the half-time landscape that opens into some fiercer terrain before delivering you back home again. If this is what Wobble and Dyonysiz have planned for Tuesday, I think there’s a strong chance of some dnb baby makin’ happening after hours! Don’t miss out on your chance to Indy how much you really love DNB. Come dance with us!

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