[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 192 – Die-Verse

by Courtney LaFavor

Greetings and salutations! I want to start today’s post off by saying for the record that last Tuesday at the Mel was an absolute blast! You guys turned out and really made it feel like the family vibe we’re always striving for! Gizzmo straight murdered the House of Babylon room while dynamic duo SubPushers held the dance floor steady moving with a ruckus Jungle set that you can currently hear up on Induce Online if you missed out/want to relive it. We know some of you traveled quiet a way to celebrate romance with us, so that makes you the true MVPs of the night! I hope to see a good number of you back at it again next month! That dancefloor didn’t seem so lonely with everyone on it!

Today’s NAPCast is also an exciting one! A multiple time offender…uh I mean submitter…..is back once again! Ohio’s own Die-Verse is doing some very nice handy work inside. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised from the guy who went out and built log cabins in the snow. If he was able to practice this sort of stuff up there, surely he would have caused his own global warming. As always, Die-Verse brings a heavy dose of modern and classic hip-hop to the Jungle sounds. I’m not one for much of the modern stuff, but he sure did make Bad and Boujee sound enjoyable haha Of course I’m never complaining about classic Jungle anthems in the mix either. I’ve said it many times before, Die-Verse never ever disappoints and this is no exception!

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