[Mix] NAP DNB Presents NAPCast 193 – Ethan Brown


by Courtney LaFavor

Oh my dear, sweet, deserving friends. Do you know lucky you are…. right now…..in this moment? Are you looking around you thinking “she’s nuts, I’m trapped in this sucky job on a Monday and it’s going to be down right beautiful all week and I can’t enjoy a single moment of it. Just nuts”? Well I’m here to tell you that TODAY you are particularly lucky. And I know, I know, I say a lot of nice things about a lot of mixes. 191 times I’ve had nice things to say to be specific. But that is neither here nor there, today it’s a special sort of lucky.

This week’s NAPCast is not only from a virgin submitter but will serve as a pallet wetter for our April show at the Mel. April’s show is a complete take over by the very talented boys and girls of Bloomington, Indiana! Not only will some fierce bassheads like Lemondoza and Jimbo V be gracing the front room with the half-time and Jungle action, but Sweater Disco is bringing along his Home Planet frandz to take over the House of Babylon room in back! House, Techno, Drum and Bass, and ALL FRESH BLOOD! It’s going to be a crazy night of skills from this lot and I can’t wait for you guys to hear them all in actions! Ethan Brown is stepping through with the first submission from this group. He’s a name you might have heard bouncing around the Techno and House scenes in the Midwest, especially if you’re a Bloomington local. He recently played our very lovely lady friend Chachi Guerrero down at the Root Cellar. From what I hear, those shows are always full of good vibes, so I’ll go ahead and recommend you check ‘em if you’re in the area. Anyway, back to our pal Ethan.

As I mentioned, Drum and Bass is not his usual flavor of dance music. But he heard we were in market for a fresh set and he rose up and smashed the challenge. Now you’re going to start this mix and pretty quickly start thinking I’m nuts again because it really sounds like someone is sneaking straight Techno in on you. I promise, what comes after is glorious. If you’re like me and the sound of breaky, 90’s London type Jungle gets your heart just pounding, then this is a straight shot of the unfiltered stuff right into your heart, Pulp Fiction style. Oh, the sweet, sweet chipmunk vocals that could make even Kanye weep, nothing gets better! I was truly stunned by how deep Ethan goes with the classics inside this one. When today’s yung bloods bring out the classics and they’re just messing around….well it fills me with hope. Hope that when the oldest of old crunchy Junglists burns out, there will still be a culture of fans who appreciate what was created before they could even walk. I loved the play between the techier moments threaded in with crackin’ amens. It 100% captured the warehouse vibe of days so long ago for me, and I have a feeling it will for you too. Get ready to play this one on repeat for a long time! I’ve already listened to it about a dozen in two days. Most importantly, mark your calendars so you don’t miss all of Ethan and the rest of the B-town business on April 10th!

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