[Mix] NAP DNB Presents NAPCast 194 – Sub Pushers

by Courtney LaFavor

After surviving a near fatal blow with a kitchen knife tonight, I’m back once again with the gospel of Jungle for all you weirdos. It’s mad hard typing with these bandages on too, so please recognize the suffering and sacrifice I’m going through right now for my love It’s all well worth it to reminisce over what was to become this week’s NAPCast, that much is true.

You might remember we had our last gathering on Valentine’s eve and it was packed full of lots of love for all things drums and basses. A particularly delicious set was delivered by the infrequently seen but always adored SubPushers, the radical duo of Ceebz and Antik One. Ceebz has been steady holding it down for the young blood generation of dnb fans who full-on love Ragga Jungle, often rinsing out classics with so much passion you can’t help but jam out with him. When you add the underworld-scouring crate-digging intensity of Antik One to the mix and you end up with a mesmerizing force of beats. This particular Tuesday was blessed with all sorts of juicy varietys of Jungle sounds while still making it feel straight old school. The vibe was so thick, our boys had the room in their hands the whole time. More than several folks remarked how they felt transported back to the mid-00s when things had a similar vibe and got many feels about it inside The Mel. To say it was a good time is lacking the true sentiment of this evening. It was magic, that’s really all you can say about it. BUT…. have no fear! All you missing faces from last month are getting another shot at it.

They’re booked to play in a few short weeks over at The Mousetrap for a very special Bon Voyage party for very lovely and dearly adored Rodmeow. So, set all your phone alarms for March 15th and bring your butts to the Mousetrap to get down to more of what’s in store for your ears today. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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