[Mix] NAP DNB Presents NAPCast 196 – Lemondoza

by Courtney LaFavor

Holy cannoli everyone, I’m STILL not done recovering from last week’s double dose of foot tapping action. Is this another sign of old age or just that the high from all those beats is that good?! Tuesday night Melody Inn crew held it down all the way across the board with Rintin and DJ Sticky making their debuts on that historic stage. Altered Thurzdaze bought back all the feels with a vintage night of jungle riddim from Subpushers and the joyous unretirement of Foi Oi Oi and What The Bleep!! My crippled body couldn’t hold me back from skanking to a few tunes or so. Oh what a glorious week of music it was <3

More glorious music is instore for us again today, obvs. I’ve already told you about the next Mel show. You know, the one where we’re handing over the reins in BOTH rooms to the fire talents coming up from Bloomington. Yeah, that night. April 10th, don’t forget, write it down. We already heard one of the guests of that evening, Ethan Brown, put his techno/house influence down on a vibey new school/old school jungle set. Our next guest for the take-over, and this week’s NAPCast virgin is Lemondoza! She’s been dropping heavy bass sounds all over the B-town scene and been making her presence known around Indy as well for the last year or so. My first time hearing her play she went in on the half-time chunes and won my heart. She and her frandz have been pushing the dnb sound in B-town for a bit now, hosting the weekly Freak Fridays at Players Pub. Definitely big ups to all of the Sub.Terranean crew for stepping up to educate and push the sounds we hold dear. As a little taste of what’s in store for all the folk not already in the know, she brings it heavy and hard while also flexing her mixing skills and flirting with liquid licks. If this doesn’t have you excited for what her live set will bring, I don’t know what will! You actually don’t have to wait to see her in April if you’re an Indy peep. She’ll be appearing tomorrow night for Cam Miller’s “No Datsik, No Problem” party at Taps & Dolls downtown. So dig this, then go support NOT supporting Datsik and then rest up for her to melt your face again in April! See, I’ve got your whole life planned out perfectly. Just obey orders and you’ll be just fine

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