[Mix] NAP DNB Presents NAPCast 197 – Sidewayz

by Courtney LaFavor

Greetings everybody! I hope if you’re a part of the Indy fam you made it through winter storm Uma with as little frustration and travel as possible! I’ve always been a big fam of Ms. Uma Thurman and found Saturday’s storm about as unrelenting as Beatrix Kiddo in, um, every single part of the Kill Bill series. Well done, Weather Channel, on getting this one right! So glad global warming is a thing so that all that white stuff is basically now gone. Unfortunately it looks like a wet week ahead, but as it turns out I’ve got this dope mix to that is going to make the perfect “hiding in doors and being moody” soundtrack.

Sidewayz stepping through for a sweet set of long over due liquid! Don’t worry haters, it’s not some sappy hour long romp through the anthems either. No no, this is liquid that sits in a dark lounge bar corner, longing for another chance to dance sippin’ whisky neats. It’s rides along feeling like a familiar drive down back roads. But Sidewayz takes that drive for a real adventure. He doesn’t get settled in liquid land for too long before he’s pushing you into Jungle territories and pulling you into sounds of outer space. The sum of it’s parts are so tightly woven together that you can get lost in the vibe right from the start. While you’re still gonna wanna get up and dance to this, you can also let it play on loop in the background while you hide under blankets and drink warm things. What are you waiting for? Let Sidewayz’s vibes be your warm blanket and enjoy!

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