NAPCast: 173 - Anita Vokill

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Oct 02, 2017 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 173 - Anita Vokill

Greetings Earthlings! I'm on Cloud 9 somewhere hoping everyone is bright and smiling this Monday morning. Why Cloud 9? I dunno, cuz I'm a girl and just got home from a very important wedding that made me very happy? Yeah, that's it. Sorry to break with Junglist tradition of hating everything, but this shit was emotional and totally deserving of allowing feels into my brain. Something extra special about driving home from such a joyful occasion with some delicious dubby dnb in your ears too. Many thanks to Anita Vokill for unknowingly providing me this perfect accessory for my evening.

This week's NAPCast comes from another veteran of the Cast and uniquely fresh, to say the least. There's always a lot of flack being tossed around the US about DJs that dig too deep and don't cater to the EDM sensibilities of the youth who attend big EDM festivals. HOGWASH I SAY!! Show us your depth, your range, and your refined curated mixing, THAT'S WHAT KEEPS US ATTACHED TO DNB! Cruising through my old stomping grounds that raised me in the Junglist vision with this reggae and dub-infused mix from Anita Vokill was exactly what I needed during my trip back home to Buffalo this weekend. There's a lot to be said about revisiting the place that shaped you or gave you room to grow. Indianapolis has been that room to grow, while

Buffalo has always and will always be the place that birthed me into the world of DNB and will keep my heart regardless of how I fight it. Anita's mix was unexpectedly dubby with a hint of hip-hop that seemed to reflect both of these worlds somehow. Both cities have so much talent coming out of it in both areas, and its frustrating how much of it goes unrecognized despite the best efforts of those who try to raise it up. This week's mix definitely boarders on the edge of the abstract side of dnb, so it's not necessarily made for those with just dancing in mind. It's a thinking man's mix to be sure. Some might tell you that's why dnb is languishing in the states and more specifically in the Midwest. To them I say, screw you. This form of mixing is special and accurately depicts the wide reach of where dnb is capable of going. Is it going to pull a huge crowd to "ride the rails' with their emo-core headbanging? Probably not. But does it give those brain damaged kids a place to be introspective about dance music and what it might mean to them? Absolutely. Incorporating mostly original tunes in this vibe session Anita Vokill has unleashed the darkness that begs to play in the light of day. Truly an original piece of creativity that deserves multiple plays at all times of day. I hope you guys dig on this as much as I am at 2 am! Many thanks to Anita Vokill for the mix and for giving us a taste of something very different than what we usually enjoy on a Monday!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 173 - Anita Vokill 19 plays 

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