NAPCast: 123 - Sound Victim

Who is Courtney Tanasovich?
Oct 10, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 123 - Sound Victim

YAAAASSS!!! VIRGIN BLOOOOODDD!!! For this week’s NAPCast that is. Still missing some for the pagan ritual we’re holding on the 31st. Holler if you know a guy. Seriously though guys…..for those of you reading this from lands outside of Indy or are newish to the Indy DNB scene as I “technically” am, this is one of those that proves the legends are true.

SoundVictim has been a part of the Indy DJ scene for as long as anyone can remember from what I’ve been told. Pretty much everyone also said how he was such a badass both with 3 White Guys and solo. I’ve seen him once live over the past year and he terrorized my soul. It was for the best. This week’s mix gives us even greater insight into the legend of the 1s and 2s, starting us off with some incredibly groovy ragga (be stiiiiilll my heeeaarrrttt….seriously my favorite 18 minutes. No lie) and then launches us into some serious hardcore bidness. I’ve always shied away from the tear-out-esque genres because I was never able to feel the groove that I found in so many other parts of drum and bass. SoundVictim may be helping me find it in here though. Laced with some of his original tunes, this beast stays funktified even when laying your ass out on the floor. Don’t let the fact that the drums are literally going to kick a hole through your chest scare you either. Once you’re done loving this, make plans to head up to Fort Wayne on Oct 29th for Mayhem to get down with the heads at Skeletunes where he will be headlining the evening. That is a night for pure carnage and aggression release, so be prepared to get rowdy. SoundVictim will undoubtedly melt your face and possibly warp your mind forever. This mix has me half way there, JOIN ME!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 123 - Sound Victim 192 plays 

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