NAPCast: 156 - Gizzmo & Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!

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Jun 05, 2017 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 156 - Gizzmo & Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!

156!! WE MADE IT!! It's pretty mind-blowing to think we've been keeping this little blog going for 3 years straight now. No repeated mixes, no skipped weeks. We appreciate every single person who lays eyes and ears on this beast week in and out, and especially everyone who's contributed over the years! Our little family has heard some knock out business put on here and it's our privilege and honor to put something into the world that keeps the Drum and Bass community moving forward and reaching outward. To think that we could even play a small part in growing a community that surpasses all borders and creeds is sometimes a difficult thing to comprehend when you put our efforts up against the heavyweights and big bad founding fathers who started this whole thing 25+ years ago. I talked about a major loss in the community last week when we learned of the passing of Marcus Intalex. I hadn't fully processed the news then but after a week of deep diving into everything and anything someone shared of his works, I have more feels about it. I follow most of the DJs I love most on Instagram and Twitter and it's allowed us fans a tiny glimpse into the upheaval Marcus's passing has caused in their personal lives. So many jumped on planes and headed straight to Manchester to gather and console their friends, themselves and his family during an unimaginable time.

Some said it's brought together friends who've gone almost entire decades without physically being near each other, depending only on social media and text to stay connected. They've grown from teens discovering and inventing sounds that captivated ears and hearts to full grown men with careers, companies and personal lives that dictate everything. But distance does not make their love for each other any less. In picture and video, one after another, I've seen these groups of friends embracing in ways that are so full of love and an urgency to share that physically again that it makes the loss of Marcus even sadder. And when I got to hear interviews with him, recent and decades old, you hear a guy who was not only passionately interested in creating drum and bass to share, but genuinely interested in what his peers were creating, and bringing up new talent in ways to ensure their success. He brought soul and grace to the mechanical and hard-wired. Losing him, much like losing Chris Cornell, is a blow to the genre that will never quite be the same.

The upshot is I know that Soul:r will continue producing music that fulfills his legacy and maintains the culture its been a large part of building. And of course we're blessed with a vast body of work to draw from when we need a friendly trip down memory lane. I don't think I know a DJ who doesn't have dozens of tracks Marcus laid his print on. When NuM3R1K's set last week just happened to link in perfectly with the Sun and Bass set Marcus played in 2016, it was a great moment of magic timing. Now for the big anniversary NAPCast, we have Gizzmo with a dedicated set of just some of what is left of a great visionary. While Gizz did tell me there was going to be "no rhyme or reason" for track selection, his sense of groove and timing is ingrained in him, so it's still a perfect ride of classics. What I really really want to hear, is a Gizzmo set of Marcus's Travino stuff. You can hear both of their fondness for the techier side of things in this mix, so maybe the techno stuff shows a fondness for the dnb side of things?? Yes, I'll admit I haven't dove into the Travino catalog, yet. In due time. But you guys should most definitely dive into this mix and have yourself a little tribute to a guy who likely changed the way YOU heard drum and bass.

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