NAPCast: 199 - Slender Dan

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May 11, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 199 - Slender Dan

While I realize it hasn’t exactly behaved like Spring around…anywhere…I did my first purge of the season this weekend and it feels awesome. I got rid a bunch of really old junk that I hadn’t look at in WAY too long, so it was time to send it on it’s way. What is also about these things is all the old treasures you didn’t even realized you’d lost. I found a cd someone burned for me that is like 9 different mixes on it across the board from DJ Z-Trip, DJ Dan, Goldie, Orbital and a bunch more. Who was this person that gifted me such a classic sampling of badassery?! I have some ideas but no way to confirm, so I’ll just pretend it was the Rave Fairy who delivered it to me in a time of great need. It means I also found all those Happy Hardcore cds I was pretending didn’t belong to me haha Rave Fairy can come reclaim those anytime.

Fueling my purge was a very solid rinse-out of some dank classic Jungle bidniss. We’re bringing you nuttin’ but virgin blood once again with ANOTHER featured guest of our upcoming show at the Mel, Slender Dan. If you haven’t been paying attention, this means Slender Dan is coming to us from Bloomington, IN. I don’t know what it is about Btown that produces generation after generation of wicked selectors, but I’m about it. Self-described “Purveyor of Pulse”, Slender Dan gets down on the ragga tip that I love so very much. He got my pulse hooked when he drops that True Romance early in this mix. Definitely one of those tunes that always sets a proper vibe. Very much looking forward to more of this on much larger speakers in a few days. Every one of our guests on Tuesday are hustling hard in Bloomington to give dance music space to push boundaries, so that people expand and explore all areas of all genres. They’re doing all of this while also grinding out those damn college degrees we’re supposed to have. Many kudos should be given to all their hard work both on and off the deck, so I expect to see all your grimey faces out on the dance floor showing these kids some love!

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