NAPCast: 209 - B-3P0

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Jun 18, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 209 - B-3P0

HELP I MELTED ALL WEEKEND AND I CAN’T GET UP! But seriously….why is it so brutal in June?! Global warming is a myth, y’all, we should be comfortable AF right about now….right?!  I know there was all sorts of celebrations this weekend with it being Father’s Day, so to all you daddy-os out there, I hope you were well celebrated, or left alone for 3 minutes of peace and quiet….whichever! Whatever it was I hope you were pool-side with some refreshing cocktails or at least holed up in the a/c and not outside doing yardwork like some of the crazy people I saw around the hood. The oppressive humidity left me in a pretty funky mood and I wasn’t convinced anything would pull me out of it. But then a little blessing fell out of the ether….

Large up to B-3P0 for this stunner submitted for your listening pleasure! I heard he’d been working hard on this piece and I can tell he put 100% of his energy behind making something that appealed to the masses! Clocking in just over an hour and he hits just about every subgenre on the head (with a few exceptions of course, there’s SO many!) I of course was into all the liquidy goodness, since I am now a puddle thanks to Mother Nature. I know there’s often static about cross-over bootleg/remixes that get put out (PLEASE STOP TRYING TO MAKE ‘THIS IS AMERICA’ HAPPEN! PULEASE) without a lot of thought, but the Daughter – Youth remix inside here is hands down one of my all-time favorites!! Every time I hear it I’m reminded of the BEST performance on So You Think You Can Dance by Jaja and Alex that makes me want to weep every time. Their dance and the story it tells hit the emotional mark dead on, and so does the remix. If I was a fancy dancer, I would recreate that routine and leave the tune on repeat forever. While I may have been passively listening through the beginning, B-3P0 brought me in deep at that point and from there on out I was absorbed completely. I really enjoyed his creativity with some classic joints and how he built the vibe for the whole mix. If you’re having a rough go of it this morning and need some musical sunshine to return you to a happy place, this right here is your jam. Pretty sure it won’t melt you down either.

Before we part my dearies, I need to do my very important duty of reminding all the Circle City Junglists (and travelers) that DARA’S LAST TOUR EVER is coming through Altered Thurzdaze at the Mousetrap this week, so y’all need to dust off your UFOs and visors and make sure he knows how much he’ll be missed. Also exciting about the show is our dudes Gizzmo and Carnie are BOTH playing too! Hopefully they don’t just end up grabbing each other’s butts on stage the whole time and make it weird. Actually, that’s entirely likely what will happen, so…….SEE YOU AAAALLL THERE!!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 209 - B-3P0 72 plays 

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