NAPCast: 253 - Sari

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Apr 29, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 253 - Sari

What is up Indy DNB Fam?? I might need someone to clue me in! The Rift Productions crew left me a little dazed this weekend, so pressing these keys to form words seems a little more challenging than normal today. I can't totally say I was prepared to be flashed-back to my 20s at the Squeakeasy spot in Ohio! But damn glad I was, memories were etched in my brain by this special place, the special people, and the special opportunity toshare the stage with Dyonisis for the first time! My ear to ear grin makes adulting a little more tolerable today!

There's not much time to recover though, as big 'tings be coming this weekend and the whole month of May! Antik1 & Myself get to drop some tunage along with a very diverse lineup at Genesis on Friday Night @ the Citadel with Regional DnB Legend - Danny The WildChild headlining! Then lace up your joggers cuz the NAP DNB crew is setting up shop at the Mini Marathon on Saturday Morning with 5K worth of vibes! After stretching you out at the Mini in the am, DJ Hollowpoint sprints out to BoomTown in Cinci in the pm, taking the DnB the distance! But keep up your stamina, School Night at the Mel returns on 5/14 featuring Fort Wayne's Finest - Carnie and Tip the Velvet, with support from a mighty cast & crew - Gizzmo, HP, Organix, Dj Fate, Psyko-lojik, and MicroMachine!

Just when I'm needing a boost, the Napcast delivers another long distance traveler packedfull of energy with an awesome mix from the one called Sari (Sari Horum)! This lady Junglist takes us on an intense journey of intelligence all the way from Slovenia for #253!Sari delicately interlaces a myriad of bad-ass-ness in this exciting Lunar Ride, and keeps your swimming in the liquid, deep, rolling oblivion that is the Jungle. This one is a solid punch in the sweet spot for my own DnB tastes, and really demonstrates Sari's knack for building a mood, through tight track selection and seamless blending abilities! I think I just found a new crush - and you will too! Enjoy!   

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 253 - Sari 98 plays 

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