NAPCast: 254 - Glider and Lights Out!

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May 06, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 254 - Glider and Lights Out!

Rise Junglists! Monday is back up in this piece, so get ready to get your grind on. The NAP DNB crew was out in full force this past weekend, and hopefully you got some DnB in your life as a result. You could have caught us rubbing elbows with Danny the Wildchild dropping some knowledge at the Genesis show Friday night. Maybe you saw Hollowpoint dropping bombs with Dave Owen at Boomtown Cincinnati. Or perhaps you were one of the tens of thousands of mini marathon-ers that were anointed, and I will say - many, many, thousands grinned while they grinded and picked up the pace with drum and bass! Face it, you're surrounded, you must surrender. Now. Just kidding we don't take prisoners!

Don't worry we aren't trying to lock you up, we're tryin' to break you loose. Free your mind, and your feets. Make you smile and dance to the beats. Next week, there's no better opportunity to do just that, at School Night at the Mel on 5/14! Carnie and Tip the Velvet will be headlining, with an absolute killa' lineup of local support and NAP's finest spinning the wheels. Music drops @ 8pm and its only 2 freaking bucks!

This week's thick NAPCast is going to have you entangled in the Jungle, so you might wanna' grab a machete. Or maybe you just don't want to be the unarmed one as Glider (Carl Raponi) and Light's Out! (Ryan Moya) have put together a full arsenal of DnB weapons for #254! Stationed from our sister state of Ohio, these two soldiers are affiliated with the In:Direct Audio and Restart Drum and Bass crews, a collective of individuals who share a common love for true DnB! We keep featuring amazingly tight mixes, but this one has got to be one of the tops of the year so far. With bone rattling breakbeats, and thundering bass, it's got all the depth and girth so satisfy the most hardcore of Junglists. Open dem ears and receive the true Jungle sound, courtesy of Glider and Light Out! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 254 - Glider and Lights Out! 153 plays 

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