NAPCast: 258 - Bucky Alan

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Jun 03, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 258 - Bucky Alan

Is it really Monday already? Time seems to have blazed by since beaming out of Movement in Detroit last weekend. Attempting to organize the plethora of sights and sounds into written words is a daunting task. To say the festival was off the chain is one of the biggest understatements of 2019. The sprawling concrete jungle, known as Hart Plaza, is laid out perfectly to receive the rave. Simple math: Take 5 amazing stages of world class talent, add 3 full days of sonic bliss, factor in thousands of die-hard Techno enthusiasts, and you'll get a truly amazing experience that will forever burn the rave into your soul. Seeing Orbital for the second time after a 20 year gap was absolutely the main highlight & strongest memory etched into this brain. But there were so many other mystical events and mind blowing performances of the weekend: Hawtin, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, Wajatta, Disclosure, J Phlip, Get Real, Nastia, and watching our local hero Noncompliant snap out to a packed RA underground stage. Words can't paint the picture. I even closed down the 21 hour Marble Bar party on Monday, the diversity, vibe, and MUSIC in the place commanded me to stay. I walked into our hotel at 6:30am in search of slumber, I stumble upon a solo female Junglist who setup a renegade stage in the entryway and was banging the drum and bass until Detroit's Finest shut her down. Which, mind you, was the only DnB I witnessed all weekend, and was a marvelous ending to this epic weekend in Detroit. I was a virgin this year, and will be a repeat offender, sold on making the pilgrimage in the years to come.

And after all that madness, we get a special treat as the Planet of the Drums Reunion tour dropped down @ The Vogue this past weekend. Our beloved Gizzmo checked off a bucket list milestone, and having opened for all 3 fellas separately in the past, appropriately repped the NAP DNB warming up the room at POTD's final stop in Indy of all time. Ak1200, Dara, and Dieselboy, as always, just crushed it with a marathon set I swear lasted the better part of 3 hours. And MC Messinian closing out the night with a heart felt speech on what it means to be a true Junglist, the appreciation and dedication ofall the fans for so many years, and challenging all of us to teach and pass on the value of our culture and vibe to all the younger generations of ravers. It was a special night. 

Doing our part to spread the Jungle, this week we head down to Louisville on Thursday night and pair up with the Alkaline 502 DNB crew for a NAP DNB Edition of Formulate at the Stopline Bar. And next week we'll be back at it again with another edition of School Night @ The Melody Inn on 6/11! We're bringing in Titonton from Columbus to administer more doses of our beloved Drum and Bass!

Epic tales deserve to be accompanied by an epic mix, and that's exactly what we have right here. NAPCast 258 comes to us from our House of Babylon Brother, Bucky Alan. Hailing from Terre Haute, Bucky has been a staple in the Indy scene for many many years. He's been at it since the mid 90's and has essentially mastered the craft of house music in that time. He teased us with the possibility of a NAPCast at a DJ Sneak show a couple weeks back, where he was told to "Quit BS'ing" and deliver. Deliver he did for his first appearance on the NAPCast. This liquid masterpiece displays Bucky's ability to transcend genres because he has a passion and love for the music. Fantastic blends and track selection are the dominate character traits in this wonderful hour long mix. It has a nice liquid vibe but Bucky can't resist turning up the heat at the right moments. Well played Sir, well plaiyed!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 258 - Bucky Alan 79 plays 

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