NAPCast: 260 - Oddbilt

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Jun 17, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 260 - Oddbilt

Happy Monday to the Massive! And sending a belated Happy Father's Day to all those hard working dad's out there! I also want to give another big round of applause to the one known as Titonton! God Damn he rocked the Mel last week! Ooo wee! That man was in the zone and so on point! Which was the case for all the sets of the night; Hollow Point, Ender, Gizz, and Johnny Utah, all dem boys wrecked it! You def don't want to be sleeping on these School Nights I keep telling y'all! 

And keep your eyes peeled for the next episode as we've got some Obtuse crew and NAP DNB collab action coming down the pipe. Next month in July, we let them bring their unique sets of beats in a special edition takeover of the Mel! And you can catch some NAP DNB flavor this weekend at their off beat dance night at the Pioneer!

Heavy. That's what this week's mix is all about. I hope you ate your Wheaties 'cuz NAPCast #260 has got some weight.Our southern Indiana brother Steven Odd aka Oddbilt muscles one up from down south! Running with the #502DNB Crew, I was able to meet this fella on our road trip to Louisville a couple weeks back. One thing was clear - this guy likes his DnB hard! Oddbilt entered the scene back in '97 and has been screaming "Jungle massive 4 life," ever since. No apologies given; fast and hard DnB is away of life for our boy Oddbilt. On his first appearance on the NAPCast, this Hardcore Junglist navigates us through a tantalizing selection of choice cuts dropping bombs upon bombs. Oddbilt combines a litany of delicious beats from all facets of DnB, while maintaing and overall theme of "Banging." Nicely done and certain to keep your neck snapping for the next hour of your life! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 260 - Oddbilt 83 plays 

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