NAPCast: 276 - DSurr

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Oct 07, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 276 - DSurr

What up Indy crew! I think it's safe to say fall has dropped, the air a bit crispier, the nights a bit nippier. Lucky the NAPDNB keeps it kindlin' week after week with that fire DnB to warm one's soul. The squad got a chance to get together for a wholesome, debauchery free, family dinner this weekend, where the pumpkin beer and parmesan flowed endlessly, a good time with great peeps. And btw, do your life a favor and get down to Goodfellas and get a Scoobie Snack. That is all. You're welcome.

School Night is only one more sunrise away! Get your ass to bed early tonight 'cuz you'll be out late tomorrow watching our 2 wizards of the wheels, Gizzmo and Hollow Point,get silly bringing the Drum and Bass madness at the Melody Inn tomorrow night! Of course we've got solid support, 2 rooms for $2, and the music drops at 8 (but you can stay late). Come help us celebrate the Bdays of 2 of the greatest DnB Dj's to call Indy home!

Techy, Edgy & Innovative. Some simple and strong words to sum up this week's NAPCast. DSurr aka Rob Surr returns with a vengence for #276! A Long time Drum and Bass aficionado straight out of the 216, not only has DSurr been shaking dance floors for decades, he's also an accomplished and extremely committed producer, releasing more the 50 tracks on various labels within the last 2 years alone. His latest NAPCast concoction is not just a mix, it's an experience. DSurr rolls up his sleeves and brings the vibe by twisting and turning thru groove interlaced with techy goodness. All the while adhering to the strictest standards of tight baseline regulations. Packed with loads of heat and a couple original tracks, DSurr is an artist you need within your crosshairs!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 276 - DSurr 18 plays 

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